We provide acupuncture & dentistry services for our clients.

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Dr. Roxane MacLellan is currently providing dentistry services in Tucson at the Veterinary Specialty Center of Tucson. Here she is with her dog “Charlie”.

Pathways Veterinary Services services Arizona, as well as Colorado, Wyoming and Minnesota. Pathways Veterinary Services provides mobile veterinary dentistry, acupuncture and relief services to veterinary clinics. Pathways is based in Arizona, however Dr. MacLellan has traveled to practices in Colorado, Arizona, Minnesota¬†and Wyoming! ¬†Pathways Veterinary Services provides advanced veterinary dentistry procedures in the convenience of the client’s own veterinary practice at an affordable cost. In addition to dentistry, Pathways provides acupuncture treatments that are directed at treating the “whole animal” by integrating western medical principles with evidenced based holistic modalities. Dr MacLellan ‘s experience in dentistry allows her to incorporate a unique approach to providing the best possible care to your pet by screening for oral pathology and to provide services to address those issues.